Chudd Chudders
Character Info
Age 36 (Born May 4, 1970)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Family Chillda Chudders (mother) Chiddltion Chudders (father)

Chuddltion Chuddley Chudders is one of the hosts of Skatoony and possibly the most known person on it. He is voiced by Rupert Degas. At the start of the show, he usually comes in and says the phrase " Has anyone seen my glasses."


Chudd is a small male with light,peach skin, green eyes, short, black hair and buck teeth. he wears a navy blue suit with a purple shirt and yellow tie. He also wears big, black glasses.


Even though he is small in size, he has a big heart and a big head meaning that he is very smart. He is a very kind person but his boss, Tony Eagle- Eyes would do anything to get rid of him but it wouldn't be the same without him.


  • He is afraid of rollercoasters or it could be possible that he's just afraid of hights.